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Apply to be a Cat Fosterer

How to become a Cat Fosterer

1. Complete the application form

Please provide as much information as you can, and two references

You can email it to us at

2. Home check

We'd ask you to provide photos or a video of your home. This is to check that it is a safe environment for our cats. We will match you with a cat who we feel best suits you and your home life.

2. Informal meeting

We'll invite you to the cattery to have an informal  chat about fostering, and determine what support and guidance you may need. 

4. Cattery visit

Once we have a potential match for you, we'll invite you to visit the cattery and meet your potential new foster cat to make sure it's a good match for you and the cat(s).

5. Collect your foster cat

Before they leave the cattery, every cat has a final health check, and will be up to date with vaccines, flea and worm treatments. During their time with you, the Cattery will provide ongoing parasite control. Some of our fosterers very kindly provide food and litter etc. for their foster cats. But we'll happily provide you with any and all equipment you need. 

5. Keep in touch

We like to keep in contact with our fosterers by phone and email. It's really useful to have photos and videos of your foster cat or cats, and information on how they settle in, and interact with you. Please consider that we may publish photos and videos on our rehoming pages. 

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