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Star Hopefuls

These cats have been waiting patiently for that special someone to come along and offer them their loving forever home. They have sat and watched their neighbours in the cattery get chosen and go off to start their new lives, and now we hope it'll be their turn.

Dita is a real beauty and she knows it. With her stunning blue eyes and snow white long hair, she’s like a model. She’s a big character in the cattery, and is very intelligent. She is a sensitive little lady and can be quite reactive. We think she’s had quite a sheltered life, possibly due to the lockdowns, and so she doesn’t know what to do in some situations. Some of our lovely volunteers have dedicated a lot of time to helping her adapt to the world. She is top of the class and is very good with her clicker training. She’s quick to pick things up and is really open to learning. She has learnt to touch a target with her nose and will jump up on obstacles to touch it and get her reward. She has also learnt to sit on command. It is all helping her impulse control and will help her to learn patience, as well as keeping her mind active and stimulated. These simple commands have enabled us to carry out previously difficult tasks with her, like weighing her; before her training she was incapable of sitting still for a second! Cats are just as able as dogs to learn tricks, but only if they want to! Dita is highly motivated to engage in these short training sessions and she has the potential to learn all kinds of tricks or even cat agility. So her new family could really run with it and have so much fun with her. It’s also a great way to bond with a cat and build trust, especially with a girl like Dita who can get overstimulated quite easily with being stroked. She would love a home with plenty of outside space so she can explore and burn off some of her endless energy. Along with plenty of energetic play, this will help her to relax and enjoy a quiet night in with her humans.

Ollie and Ellie are such lovely cats and no one can understand why they are still left on the shelf. They are so loving with each other and with people. They have such open personalities and love to give. They like to supervise the staff and volunteers. Their pod is next to the treatment room where the staff often are, writing up treatments and assessments etc. Ollie and Ellie will always come straight in to be with us, purring the whole time. A lot of our writing comes out like a child’s done it with Ellie rubbing round your hand and the pen. When they’re settled in their pod, they like to snuggle in their cosy beds together, and often wash each other.

Ollie has a thyroid condition and is receiving medication to control it. It took a little while and patience to find his optimum dose, but he is now much happier and calm, and not as frantic around food. It’s nice to know we’ve got him in a better place health-wise than when they arrived, but now we’d love for them to find a loving home together. They had been in a boarding cattery for a little while before they came to us in the Spring. So they haven’t known a loving home for some time now, and they really deserve to be back in a loving home environment. Their new family will be very lucky people to have two gorgeous cats in their lives. In return for a safe home, they will bring such love and joy to your life.

Bertie is a handsome boy full of character and charisma. We love his heart shaped boopable nose! He is on the lookout for a new family to take care of him and offer him lots of fun and love. Top of his wish list is a fairly remote, rural home, outside of Hastings. Bertie has 3 legs, but he doesn't let this hold him back. In fact, he likes to have a large territory. A rural home would give him the space he enjoys and keep him safely away from the main roads of a larger town environment, and provide fewer homes for him to visit. We'd be happy for Bertie to be a farm cat, as long as he had a home setup available to him, as this is what he's been used to. He does enjoy the company of other cats so he could live with another cat or two, of a similar temperament to Bertie. He likes to play with other cats so they'd need to be open to a bit of friendly cat rough and tumble! 

Bertie is an intelligent cat and we are going to start introducing clicker training to help engage him and keep his mind occupied to break up his day. He prefers to be bribed with Dreamies than be told what to do, and he has us wrapped round his little paw!

Bertie will be a great companion for an older family and will bring a lot of joy.

Tabitha is a little poppet who needs careful reassurance for her true nature to shine through. She is timid and when she feels uncertain, she swipes out. But with a kind word and a gentle, slow approach, we see a quick gear change and she enjoys a fuss. It's lovely to hear her purring and see her let go and roll around in her bed, but she hasn't felt confident enough to venture out of her pod yet. We would love her to find a nurturing, and loving home where she can relax, away from the pressure of being surrounded by other cats. We feel that a home environment will bring her the stability, predictability and security she needs to find herself again. 

Tabitha needs understanding and patience. If you expect too much too soon from her, she senses this pressure and withdraws. She needs time to get to know and trust new people, but this will be much easier for her on a one-to-one basis in a home.

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