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Star Hopefuls

These cats have been waiting patiently for that special someone to come along and offer them their loving forever home. They have sat and watched their neighbours in the cattery get chosen and go off to start their new lives, and now we hope it'll be their turn.

Click the link below to see previous Star Hopefuls in their new homes.


Flanders is a handsome lad with, shall we say, rugged good looks. He originates from London, and is an 'Inbetweener' cat. He has lived as a stray for 7 years so he has not known a proper home life in a long time, most of his life in fact. He likes to be around people, and the way to his heart is definitely through his stomach. It will however, take time to really build his trust in allowing contact and handling. He would suit a farm environment, or a home where there will be no pressure on him to be someone he's not. He just wants to hang out with you rather than have fusses. But this might come in time. The best strategy to build a bond with a cat like Flanders is to start with a hands off approach. In time,  his curiosity will get the better of him and he'll want to get to know you, but on his terms.

His unique smile is because he has been through a lot of dental work and is now missing all his top teeth. If only they made dentures for cats! We often see him trying to get his lips under control as he gets used to his new look. He would have been in pain for quite some time with his teeth as they were. Hopefully, as things settle down, he will be able to concentrate on making friends. 

Flanders will be a very rewarding cat, and good company, even if he's just someone to chat to.

Kristen & Heidi are lovely girls who are very shy with people. They have come from a multi cat household along with Verity & Victor, and Daisy & Dylis. As we often find with multi cat households in these circumstances, the cats have missed out on vital socialisation in their early weeks of kittenhood. As a result, Kristen & Heidi are very unsure of being approached and handled. However, we are seeing gradual improvement in their confidence. They're now much more comfortable coming out of hiding and resting out in the open in their pod. Although they soon retreat when approached. They are looking for experienced cat guardians who can allow them time to settle into their new home at their pace. They need someone who won't expect too much from them, and will allow them to get their bearings before making any attempts to build a bond. A good way to start building trust, is to just sit quietly in their settling room, a good distance away. Then reading to them, so they get used to your voice, but without any pressure to engage. 

In time, they will learn to trust their new family, even if there are shadows of their past in some situations. 

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