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Video Diaries

Here's a little collection of videos from life at the Cattery. 

Our Polydactyl 'Dinosaur' kittens T-Rex, Allosaurus, Stegosaurus & Terry Dactyl getting a nature lesson. They've found a creature with more toes than them (no millipedes were harmed in the making of this video).

A video taken by stealth of Fred playing. At this stage, he was still a bit shy of us, so he'd stop if he thought we were watching!

Oaty & Marshall came to us from London. They didn't know each other but being next door to each other in the cattery, they have made friends from either side of their divide. We have built up gradually to them meeting face to face, and this is their first meeting. Oaty was a little more excited about it than Marshall who played it cool. But he was a lot more calm and confident on the Cattery floor than he has been. We're hoping that their friendship will blossom and they can find a home together.

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