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Tales From The Cattery

Here are some cat stories from life at the Cattery to give you an insight into the work we do.

Teddy (Pod 12)_edited.png

Everyone loves  a good Before & After. And here is Teddy's. He came to us a very threadbare Teddy, as he had been overgrooming due to stress. He wasn't happy as an indoor cat in his previous home and being unneutered was adding to his frustration. He's now neutered, and as you can see, he now looks amazing, with his glossy coat and muscular frame. He has come a long way during his stay; he was so scared when he arrived, completely overwhelmed by his change in circumstances. Teddy is more relaxed now, and his personality is really starting to shine. He's football mad, and his ball skills are impressive! He is now in a foster home as he found the confinement of the cattery frustrating at times. He is desperate to find a permanent home where he can do his own thing and really kick back and enjoy the rest of his life, putting his past behind him. He needs an energetic home with an adult-only family. He will love being free to explore the outside world, and having a loving family to come back to for fusses and games.

Pepsi was with us for a few months before we matched her with her adopter. In her time with us, she was civil with us, but we could tell there was so much more to her personality but she just wasn't comfortable enough to let it show. When it came time to meet her adopter, she didn't stick around long and went out into her run. But her new person could see the potential in her too, and didn't mind if she was aloof, as long as she was going to be happy. Fast forward a very short time in her new home, and as you can see, she is content and relaxed. She loves having the place to herself without being around other cats. She's affectionate and a is a lovely companion. 

Her adopter says "I fell in love with Pepsi seeing her on the site and booked in to meet her. I got to the cattery and met a very scared cat who didn't want to come near me and actively moved away any time I came near. I was definitely apprehensive about taking her home but I couldn't be happier about the gamble I took. She is a completely different cat. Super affectionate (when she wants to be) , hugely playful and full of character. I now have my home ruled by a little sass pot who jumps in to bed if I'm running late with breakfast, runs over as soon as I walk in the door to say hello and follows me round like a little fluffy shadow".

So when you come to meet your prospective new family addition, don't put too much expectation on the situation. Relax, and let them come to you, if they want to. If they don't, it's nothing personal, they just need a bit of time to mull things over and build trust with you. 

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