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Foster Cats

Meet our lovely cats currently in foster homes. These are cats we felt would benefit from being in a home environment to allow their true colours to shine out. Some cats cannot cope with confinement or being around other cats. If you are interested in adopting a cat who is in foster, once we've gone through the Adoption process, you will be able to meet them, preferably in the home. You will benefit from first-hand information on what they are like in a home environment, and meeting them in a more natural setting.


Teddy moved into his foster home a short while ago and has made friends with his foster mum very quickly. He is so much happier in a home environment with more freedom to do what he wants with plenty of space to play and have fun. As you can see, he loves snuggles and is very loving! He likes to make it difficult for you to watch TV! He is looking for a home with an older family (teenagers +). He will love to have a permanent family to become part of and set down roots. He will be a loving and loyal companion. He is also full of fun and a dash of mischief.

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