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Foster Cats

Meet our lovely cats currently in foster homes. These are cats we felt would benefit from being in a home environment to allow their true colours to shine out. If you are interested in adopting a cat who is in foster, once we've gone through the Adoption process, you will be able to meet them, preferably in the home. You will benefit from first-hand information on what they are like in a home environment, and meeting them in a more natural setting.

Slinky is full of beans and love. He is loving his life with his foster mum at the moment. He didn't suit the Cattery environment as he was stressed by the other cats. He came to us after being picked up as a stray. He found being confined a bind so he is taking full advantage of being in a home. He is a environment. He is a cheeky chappie but very loveable. He loves his food and he's very clever in finding it! 

Poor Slinky got Cystitis as his New Year gift. It's taken a little bit of time to get him back on track, but he is much more comfortable now and loving life. He will need a Veterinary diet from now on to keep him healthy. In return, he will bring such love and joy to your life. He'd like a home with older children and no other pets so he can kick back and chill out.

Slinky sleep.jpg
Slinky play.jpg
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