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Star Hopefuls

These cats have been waiting patiently for that special someone to come along and offer them their loving forever home. They have sat and watched their neighbours in the cattery get chosen and go off to start their new lives, and now we hope it'll be their turn.



Hermione is a real sweetie with such a lovely character. She's a little innocent with a heart of gold. She is interested in other cats and is very gentle. She has a mild neurological issue which causes slight in-coordination and is a bit clumsy.

Her ideal home would be with a catio or cat-proof fenced garden, so she can enjoy some outside space, safe from neighbouring cats and potential unwitnessed slips. We would consider an indoor home for her, if it is a large enough home with plenty of opportunity for enrichment, to keep boredom at bay.

She doesn't really know she's different and despite her disability her mind still works in the same way when it comes to her needs and instincts.

We are offering a foster to adopt option for Hermione, to provide additional support for a period of time. We can keep her under the care of our vet until an agreed time when you'd like to take her on permanently.

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